CHD, Here. Nice To Meet You!

Did you know that Coal has been quietly cranking out beautiful custom designs for rad partners like Capita, Stevens Pass, and Brew Dr. Kombucha for years now? It’s true. We’ve kept our Custom Headwear Division (CHD) on the low over the years, but now we’re yanking the curtains back and letting the light shine in.

CHD isn't exactly OEM or Private Label  -- it’s its own thing. The main thing that unifies the program is that it represents actual relationships with amazing brands and organizations that we respect and that we want to partner with.

Our man Joe Florence runs the CHD program, working with our partners through each step of the design, sourcing, and production processes.

So in 2018, we're gonna fly the CHD flag with a twice-monthly social media spotlight, starting with a bit on our partnership with the Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom.

The first LBS was organized (and won) back in 1985 by none other than shred legend Tom Sims, with the help of Bob Barci, and has run consecutively every year with the exception of only two years, 2005 and 2015, due to lack of snow. The history of mens and womens winners reads like a who’s who of fast MF’ers in snowboarding lore:  Terje, Temple, and Craig; Barrett, Karleen, and Maelle .. and many more. Its place in the bigger picture of snowboarding history can’t really be overstated .. it’s the original grassroots, not-really-an-event, event. It gave rise to both the boardercross discipline as well as the subsequent proliferation of banked slalom races everywhere.  

RVG dropping in. Photo: Mike Yoshida

Desiree Melancon, 2017 LBS. Photo: Mike Yoshida

Coal was honored with being selected as the headwear partner and supplier of the coveted LBS cap in 2012. We dug through our LBS back catalog to find some vintage samples from years past to share here. The 2018 design is approved and promises to be a fresh update to the now legendary Baker Raven design. But we gotta keep it under wraps. For now, the best way to see the new design is to just go to the race. And the only way to claim one of these very limited beauties is to be among the exclusive field of LBS racers on the course.

Legendary pyramid featuring past designs from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017

2015 would've been the 30th Anniversary of the LBS, commemorated with this extra special badge and a black-on-black leather treatment .. but alas Mother Nature took a long trip to the tropics that year forcing the cancellation of the race.



 As we speak, Baker is doing its thing, with nearly 2ft of fresh piling up in the last 48 hrs. We’re saying our prayers that this trend continues. And we look forward to seeing you all at the mountain Feb 9th through 11th! More details here.