Amy Purdy

Amy is the co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports, an organization that has helped to usher adaptive skateboarding, snowboarding and moto-x into the X-Games, and snowboarding into the 2014 Paralympic Games. She is a spokesperson and model for many companies and organizations, an actress, and a competitive adaptive snowboarder.

Amy became the only person to contract Neisseria Meningitis and survive in over 20 years following the removal of her legs and a major kidney transplant at age 19. After narrowly escaping tragedy, Amy challenged herself to move on with her life, regaining normalcy where possible and reaching even further for new goals that even people with legs struggle to achieve. 

Outside of snowboarding, Amy helps to organize advanced adaptive freestyle camps and help AAS develop skate and snowboard camps for youth, young adults, and wounded veterans. Amy was a competitor on the 21st season of The Amazing Race in 2012. She furthered her television career in 2014 as a contestant on the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars and got 2nd place in finals. 

Follow Amy on Instagram: @amypurdygurl