The Sawtooth Rod Package

The Sawtooth Rod Package

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"Working with the good folks at Tenkara on a collection of items named after one of our favorite mountain ranges in the US almost seems as if it was predestined. Turns out, they're as enamored with Idaho's famed Sawtooths as we are. Not only is that zone the origin of our friendship with the Tenkara crew, but their best-selling rod design - and the one we wanted to use the most - already happens to be called the Sawtooth. So it only seemed fitting to keep the great name, while working together on a beautiful co-branded finish on the rod, tube, and sock. The Sawtooth rod: The Sawtooth is Tenkara Rod Co.'s more playful rod. You might have a six inch rainbow on the line but it feels like you are wrestling a tuna! Although this rod is ideal for fish in the 6-18 inch range, landing larger fish is doable as well. The 5:5 action means that it flexes a little more than a 6:4. Our tenkara rods are ultra lightweight and the swivel tips included on our tenkara rods also help keep your line from getting tangled. This rod is finished with a custom co-branded graphic that won't disappoint.

Specs: 12ft (360 cm) Closed Size: 20 inches Segments: 9 Handle Length: 11.25 inches Weight: 3.2 oz

The line: Tenkara Rod Co. Lines are hand-crafted with single strand construction and a 3mm nickel alloy tippet ring. They are non-tapered, and perfectly weighted to cast with our rods. The Sawtooth comes with an orange line size 10.5 feet.

A line spool: A must have! Great for quickly winding your line when getting to that next great spot is important. These spools are designed for tenkara rods and are just big enough to make winding your line simple and quick. The notches on the spool make it easy to attach flies and the foam core helps dry your line if necessary. It also floats!

3 hand tied flies: One of each of our 3 favorite flies.

5x tippet: A 30-meter spool of 5x tippet made by Rio.


Measuring your head:

While fitting your head is not an exact science, use this guide and size table below to determine which size/style is right for you. Using a flexible tape measure, start at your forehead above your eyebrows, bring the tape measure around the back until it comes together at your forehead again. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, a string and ruler can be used instead. Once you have your measurements, refer to the chart below for sizing. 

Keep in mind, This is only a guide, and not a guarantee of fit.



21 1/2" - 21 7/8"

Hat Size

6 7/8 - 7


55cm - 56cm



22 1/4" - 22 7/8"

Hat Size

7 1/8 - 7 1/4


57cm - 58.5cm



23" - 23 5/8"

Hat Size

7 3/8 - 7 1/2


59cm - 60.5cm

Cap fit Definitions

Low Profile

Our shallowest cap profile, this fit is great for people who wear small to medium size hats. It's also a prime choice for those who prefer a cap that sits above the ears. The adjustable styles start at 58cm, and can be sized smaller and larger.

Mid Crown

Coal’s mid crown is all about being right in the middle, not too deep, not too shallow. This fit allows for a little more space between your noggin and the top of the hat if you want to sit it up off your head, or it sits nicely at the ear if you pull it down snug. The starting size is 58.5cm, and can be sized smaller and larger.


Our most accommodating silhouette, this is fit is ideal for those with large and extra-large hat sizes. It is also an excellent choice for people who enjoy a bigger looking crown shape. The starting size is 59.5cm, and can be sized smaller and larger.

Cap Style Definitions


The hallmark of a trucker cap is mesh sides and back panels. Truckers come in all shapes and profiles, but the thing that they all have in common is wonderfully breathable mesh.

5 Panel

As the name suggest these caps are constructed out of 5 pieces of fabric. Formed from two curved side pieces, two upper panels and one arched front, the signatures of a 5 panel cap are to have a low profile when worn and a rounded crown that hugs the shape of the head.

Dad Hat

Dad hats are for everybody! Made of 6-pizza slice shaped wedges of fabric, these caps feature a rounded silhouette, and are unstructured for easy, comfortable wearing.

7 Panel

Coal’s 7 panel is built off a low profile pattern, but unlike its 6 paneled—dad hat cousins—it has a 7th panel across the lower front. The front panel is a perfect surface for our signature patches.


Our vintage fit has a slightly square shape. These styles are offered as unstructured caps or with mesh inserts at the front. Maybe as a kid you thought the mesh was make shift sunglasses, or a clever way to keep bugs out of your eyes. We employ the mesh as an old-school front panel backing, giving soft shape, with out the rigid feel of other backing materials.


Our athletic fit has a tall front crown, with a slightly rounded yet squared off front profile. The front panel is backed in sturdy material, which gives the cap its crisp shape.

Knit Style Definitions

Low Profile

Our shortest fitting beanie profile, this fit is great for people who wear small to medium sizes. Ideal for those who prefer a beanie that is the perfect length to just covers the ears, closely hugging the top of the head.

Mid Length

Our mid length fit is the happy medium between low profile and our tall Uniform beanies. These beanies have a little extra room at the top for extra style points and coziness.


The tallest of ‘em all, these beanies have the most extra length past the cranium when worn. Squish it down or wear it high and proud.


Easy fitting and slightly roomy, our slouchy beanies have a relaxed fit and a gentle drape at the top.